ZESTO AUDIO: Andros Téssera Phonostage

They say:

What is Téssera?

Téssera means 4 in Greek. This newest product from Zesto Audio is aptly named as it is designed to work with up to 4 different tonearms or turntables. Andros is a Greek island and the home of George’s grandmother’s family.

Design Philosophy

George Counnas, President and Design Engineer for Zesto Audio says, “There are so many great specialized phono cartridges available today, I wanted to design a phonostage that was easy to use, while providing the necessary inputs to accommodate multiple tonearms and be able to save the settings when you switch between channels.”

Building on the success of Zesto’s original Andros Phonostage, George wanted to take it further, not only sonically but with more features resulting in a quieter, fuller and more dynamic sound.

What’s the Most Requested New Feature?

True floating balanced outputs. These high quality transformer balanced outputs are driven by dedicated output tubes.

Continues at http://www.zestoaudio.com/andros-tessera/



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