Townsend Audio: Speaker Isolation Platforms – WoW !

Just thought I'd post here as yesterday I was absolutely wow'd when I tried a pair of isolation platforms under my Usher speakers.

The results were amazing. I've suffered with room boom, vibrations, sucked out lower end etc etc since moving into my current house which has a deep suspended floor. I've tried slate plinths, Naim chips and different speaker placement but I've never been satisfied.

I've installed some acoustic treatment on the back wall which helped but nothing could control the vibrations and bass loss.

Immediately I noticed a drastic improvement, the vibrations are pretty much gone, even at high volumes playing some tracks with obvious deep bass. I can hear the full frequency range with such control and clarity.

Even though the 2nd hand bases were designed for large Sonus Faber speakers, they work really well with my Ushers, even though the design does't match.

The Mrs is allowing me to keep them as the alternative is to fill the floor with concrete

The new price for these isn't insignificant, but the improvement, for me, is more than worth the price.

I'd urge anyone with boom issues on suspended floors to give these a try.


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