ESSENTIAL READING: Source formats – Whatever works for you is the right way to go, it’s not that complicated.

Steve Guttenberg writes: I love LPs, and prefer their sound over all low- or high-resolution digital formats. That's me, but you might have absolutely no use for LPs, cassette tapes, reel-to-reel tapes, or any analog audio format.

I'm a sound-first guy, and I don't mind getting up every 20 minutes or so to change the record. I'm there, totally involved in the tunes, and as the LP side nears the end I'm thinking about what I'm going to play next. It's a big part of the fun -- thinking about the order of tunes -- and how they relate to each other. I have seven thousand LPs and CDs, and while that sounds like a lot that's the sum total of what I've bought over many decades. While I'd like to say the ...........

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