OVATION HIGH FIDELITY: Their 1501 preamplifier

They tell us .....

Norfolk UK based audio company, Ovation High Fidelity, announces the release of the Model 1501 High Resolution Stereo Preamplifier. Facilities include remote control along with 5 line level inputs plus a high performance MM phono stage along with a very high quality, wide bandwidth headphone amplifier.

A buffered tape loop allows convenient record monitoring for audiophiles with legacy tape decks. Output distortion at 1V into 10k Ohms (a typical amplifier input specification) is just 2 parts per million, while the noise floor is specified at -100 dBV (line level inputs). Both balanced and unbalanced outputs are available from the preamplifier, capable of driving 600 Ohm amplifier loads. All signal switching is accomplished using precision, sealed small signal relays rated for 50 million mechanical operations, ensuring long, reliable service life.

The phono stage features a 32 dB overload margin ref 3 mV input, along with a RIAA conformity of 0.15 dB typical (20 Hz to 20 kHz). The signal to noise ratio ref 5mV input is 79 dB. A switchable rumble filter takes care of infrasonic signals arising due to record warp, arm resonance and off-center LP discs.
The Model 1501 is designed, engineered and assembled in England, comes with a 5 year warranty and sells for ₤2264-00 including UK delivery


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