MARANTZ: Their new 10 Series disc player and amp

by Hifi choice,

Billed by Marantz as "the new reference", the audio specialist introduces its Series 10 SA-10 SACD player and PM-10 integrated amplifier flagship components, with the latter proving a radical departure from the norm.

For the first time ever in a high-end hi-fi application, Marantz uses an analogue high-speed Pulse Width Modulation switching power amplifier section working in Class D. Brand ambassador Ken Ishiwata says this was chosen to give a high power output (2x 200W RMS into 8ohm, and twice that into 4) in a comparatively compact package; the PM-10 is still sizeable, but smaller than the Class AB monoblocks it supersedes.

He emphasised that this was not done at the expense of sound quality, pointing out that it’s a no-compromise, bespoke design. Twin switched mode power supplies complement the single, large toroidal transformer and the amp runs fully balanced in dual mono configuration.

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