ERIC BIBB: The relationship between the blues and Los Angeles

Brilliant blues artist Eric Bibb carries the experiences of performing with Taj Mahal, Bonnie Raitt, Tommy Sims (Bruce Springsteen, Kelly Clarkson, Eric Clapton), of touring with Ray Charles, John Mayal and Robert Cray. Bibb received honors twice for "Acoustic Album of the Year" at the Blues Music Awards (2006 & 2008). Best yet, he keeps growing and developing, as evidenced in his new release Booker's Guitar.

Bibb responded eloquently to questions on a number of interesting subjects. The relationship between Los Angeles and the blues itself will provide the focus of this first in a series of articles, branching from different insights Bibb provided during the thoughtful and provocative interview.

W.E. Putting time out of mind, is there a distinction psychologically between musicians of the blues in comparison to, for example, musicians who produce Hollywood orchestral film scores? Or would you consider all music to be ultimately interrelated?

E.B. I definitely agree with your second conclusion. This question brings to mind a musician who loves the blues and produces Hollywood film scores as well - Randy Newman.

Seen through Bibb’s eyes, heard through his voice, the blues and the Hollywood scene suddenly ........