In Remembrance Of The Great Man And Journalist Alvin Gold Alvin Gold: May 13th, 1948 to April 7th, 2017 – by Phil Gold

In Remembrance Of The Great Man And Journalist Alvin Gold

It was my privilege to be Alvin's younger brother. I looked up to him all my life, and followed in many of the paths he chose, from a keen interest in mathematics and science to a deep passion for classical music, a love of Israel and a fascination with cameras and Hi-Fi.

Alvin was very much his own man. He had strong opinions on every topic and would speak openly no matter what the consequences. He was also very witty, although he didn't care whether the listener heard the joke or understood it. He had no vanity at all.

Following a stint in our grandfather's furrier shop in Bournemouth and a spell doing hard physical work in Israel building roads, tending the vines, Alvin worked in retail in London. First he sold cameras and then Hi-Fi, before switching to Hi-Fi journalism. He worked for many different magazines, including some, like HiFi Answers, no longer published. He also contributed to Stereophile and Enjoy the in the US, The Star in Malaysia, Canada HiFi and he even penned a column for the Observer. He was brutally …..

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