Filo X3 – test review

Noel Keywood (HiFi World) writes:  

Will Chinese manufacturer FiiO have a runaway success with their new budget X3 digital audio player? Noel Keywood thinks so. Little hi-res players like the FiiO X3 I am reviewing here aren’t so common as yet but they’re an intriguing proposition for any hi-fi enthusiast. Aimed at headphone users and the portable market, they also have a Line output to drive a hi-fi. You can think of them as a high-quality ‘CD player’ then, a portable one. The iBasso DX50 portable audio player I reviewed last month (p34, December 2012 issue) seemed like a real bargain, costing just $239 direct from the factory in China. The FiiO X3 is also from China but costs around £150 from on-line retailers like Amazon. So if buying direct from China makes you fearful, and Amazon is a name you know and trust, the X3 may interest you.