Experimental BBC Radio 3 lossless streaming

I am also struck by the dynamic range even if that has nothing to do with the lossless format. The BBC have opted to record at a quite low level, and allow the (almost) full dynamic peaks to come through in all their glory, making for a very realistic sound the like of which one does not often hear. Not something to be listened to on the kitchen radio. I am listening on my main system, and need to open the amplifier (2x140watt Quad 606-2) completely to do justice to the softer passages (I have tamed the input sensitivity of the Quad 33, however). The loud passages are stunning.
The lossless format does impose a load on the internet connection. I have the fastest one available in this pretty major city, and even so there are occasional signal drops (and no children watching Netflix).

Dip in and out HERE

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