Lloyd Cole and the Commotions – Collected Recordings 1983-1989 (5CD+DVD+Book)

Collected Recordings 1983-1989 (5CD+DVD+Book)

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Collected Recordings 1983-1989 is a 5CD+DVD box set that contains newly remastered versions of the three studio albums (Rattlesnakes,Easy Pieces and Mainstream), a disc of B-sides/remixes, a further CD of largely previously unreleased demos and to finish the set off, a DVD featuring all 10 promo videos and eight TV performances (Top Of The PopsThe Old Grey Whistle Test & Wogan).

Full track listing to come, but disc four will feature two previously unreleased versions of From Grace and Brand New Friend. 16 of the 18 tracks on disc five are previously unreleased and amongst those are six never-before-heard tracks: Down At The MissionEat My WordsPoons,You WinOld Wants Never Gets and Another Dry Day. Two previously unreleased tracks produced by Chris Thomas and two by Stewart Copeland also feature.

The discs will come in replica vinyl slipcases with printed inner sleeves and included in the box set is a 48-page hardback book by Pete Paphides which recounts the story of the band based on interviews with Lloyd Cole, Neil Clark, Blair Cowan, Stephen Irvine and Lawrence Donegan, the band’s manager Derek MacKillop, Polydor A&R man Malcolm Dunbar and producers Paul Hardiman and Alan Winstanley.

1. Perfect Skin
  2. Speedboat
  3. Rattlesnakes
  4. Down on Mission Street
  5. Forest Fire
  6. Charlotte Street
  7. 2cv
  8. Four Flights Up
  9. Patience
  10. Are You Ready to be Heartbroken?

Disc: 2

  1. Rich
  2. Why I Love Country Music
  3. Pretty Gone
  4. Grace
  5. Cut Me Down
  6. Brand New Friend
  7. Lost Weekend
  8. James
  9. Minor Character
  10. Perfect Blue

Disc: 3

  1. My Bag
  2. From The Hip
  3. 29
  4. Mainstream
  5. Jennifer She Said
  6. Mr. Malcontent
  7. Sean Penn Blues
  8. Big Snake
  9. Hey Rusty
  10. These Days

Disc: 4

  1. The Sea and The Sand
  2. You Will Never Be No Good
  3. Andy's Babies
  4. Glory
  5. Sweetness
  6. Perfect Blue (Hardiman mix)
  7. Jesus Said
  8. Brand New Friend
  9. From Grace
  10. Her Last Fling
  11. Big World
  12. Nevers End
  13. Mystery Train (Recorded live at The World, New York, 1986)
  14. I Don't Believe You or (Recorded live at The World, New York, 1986)
  15. Love Your Wife
  16. Lonely Mile
  17. Please
  18. My Bag (Dancing Mix)

Disc: 5

  1. Down At The Mission
  2. Are You Ready To Be Heartbroken?
  3. Patience
  4. Eat My Words
  5. Forest Fire
  6. Perfect Skin
  7. Poons
  8. Old Hats
  9. You Win
  10. Old Wants Never Gets
  11. Another Dry Day
  12. 29
  13. Jennifer She Said
  14. Hey Rusty
  15. Everyone's Complaining
  16. Mr Malcontent
  17. Jennifer She Said (Polished Rough Mix)
  18. Hey Rusty

Disc: 6

  1. Perfect Skin (Promotional Video)
  2. Forest Fire (Promotional Video)
  3. Rattlesnakes (Promotional Video)
  4. Brand New Friend (Promotional Video)
  5. Lost Weekend (Promotional Video)
  6. Cut Me Down (Promotional Video)
  7. My Bag (Promotional Video)
  8. Jennifer She Said (Promotional Video)
  9. From The Hip (Promotional Video)
  10. Mainstream (Promotional Video)
  11. Perfect Skin (Top of the Pops, June 1984) (Television Performance)
  12. Rattlesnakes (The Old Grey Whistle Test, November 1984) (Television Performance)
  13. Speedboat (The Old Grey Whistle Test, November 1984) (Television Performance)
  14. Brand New Friend (Wogan, September 1985) (Television Performance)
  15. Brand New Friend (Top of the Pops, September 1985) (Television Performance)
  16. Lost Weekend (Top of the Pops, November 1985) (Television Performance)
  17. Mister Malcontent (Recorded live in concert at Ibrox Park, Glasgow, June 1986) (Television Performance)
  18. My Bag (Wogan, September 1987) (Television Performance)