DS AUDIO: The DS 002 optical cartridge

By Hifi PIG

In 2013 DS Audio launched the world’s only optical phono cartridge, the DS-W1. A further-advanced flagship model, the Master 1, followed in 2016. Now, the company is launching a new entry level design: the DS 002, drawing on innovations from the Master 1 while offering a more affordable way in to optical cartridge technology.

The new DS 002 retains this same wider compatibility as the Master 1, as well as the basis of the Master 1’s technology – with its enhanced optical-mechanical system and wire-suspended cantilever, also delivering an output of 500mV and more with 25dB of separation. But to achieve its more affordable price point, the DS 002 sports an aluminium chassis, aluminium cantilever and Shibata stylus.

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