CHORD ELECTRONICS: They add a HD USB input to their Blu MkII CD transport bringing advanced upscaling to digital devices

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Following its unveiling in prototype form at CES 2017, Chord Electronics has added a USB Type-B input to its new Blu MkII upscaling CD transport, enabling a wider range of digitally connected devices to benefit from the device's advanced proprietary filtering and upscaling technology, seen in its unique M SCALER (£7,995)

Chord Electronics has added a high-resolution USB Type-B input to its CES-unveiled Blu MkII upscaling CD transport. The USB input takes the place of the optical output seen on the prototype at CES and has been implemented following dealer demand for Blu MkII’s ground-breaking upscaling technology to be available to a wider range of digital devices.

The USB Type-B input is compatible with DSD and PCM data, with DSD upsampled to PCM using proprietary filtering, which has much better attenuation of DSD noise and distortion. The converted DSD data can then be output to Chord’s partnering DAVE DAC/preamp at 705.6kHz, using its galvanically isolated twin BNC outputs. The Blu MkII features auto-switching inputs with CD prioritised, followed by USB and finally, S/PDIF.


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