A POINT OF VIEW: Harbeth’s Before and after show thoughts re Bristol HiFi show 2015

The thread starts:

Following some well wishers comments directly to the office, and kindly individuals who are making the journey just to meet us I thought I'd crystalise why we are attending, and what you can expect to hear and not hear.

First, it must be said that with a full order book and still growing, we do not see our attendance as part of our sales effort, but part of a much bigger marketing awareness strategy. It's been many years since we attended Bristol as an exhibitor (10 perhaps?) and our market position today is unrecognisable since then, thanks to your continuing support. It would be nice to put a face to you our loyal customers, HUG contributors and readers and would be customers, so please do not be shy about saying hello or we'll go home counting the show as a failure!

Second, I think it's important to make the point that the low-budget system I've assembled for the show represents where I, if not the Harbeth brand directly, think financial investment is made in audio equipment giving the 'biggest bang for the buck'. The sole point I want to make is something along the lines that "if the Harbeth designer makes a once in ten year attendance at Bristol to showcase his speakers and chooses to demo with modest equipment that is well within the reach of everyone serious about audio, then that confirms that Harbeth will work great with just about any electronics/furniture/hardware/interconnects/rooms." Furthermore, for those with greater funds available, they are at liberty to spend it on whatever equipment they wish, with greater or lesser additional pride of ownership or musical capabilities. The rich can take ample care of themselves. We champion the ordinary chap trying the squeeze the most genuine performance out of the least expenditure.

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