HARBETH: M30.1 – some ‘boxy’, boomy sound?

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I seem to be getting some 'boxy', boomy effects from a pair of M30.1s I have at home at the moment. I assume this is a question of speaker placement and room size, as Harbeth are famed for their neutral sound and flat frequency response. The effect is most noticeable with cello and piano and not present on larger floorstanders used in the room, positioned in the same spot as the M30.1. It seems to occur in the lower midrange, well above the ubiquitous 50Hz room node........

The listening room is 18ft x 12ft - surely large enough for the M30.1? The speakers are firing down the room's length and are placed with some distance from walls. The left speaker has 20" between its outside edge and the side wall, and the right speaker 36". There is 20" between the speakers' rear surface and the back wall. I'd have thought these distances were adequate for a modest sized standmounter.

In every other respect the tonal qualities of these speakers are superb.

Any comments?

Edit: perhaps 'boxy' and 'boomy' are the wrong terms. 'Resonance' and maybe an 'exaggeration' of some frequencies would be better terms.

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