Ask an expert: What happened to Grace tonearms?

Gentlemen, What happened to the makers of the Grace tonearms. I recall the made more than the G-707 inc one with a bamboo arm-stem. Help.

Well, this is what we found so far: "Small Japanese company made a big splash when it came out with the first oil damped tonearms in the 50's, this page here has some minimal info on them. While the Japanese "single ended" crowd mostly hunts out for their 50's damped models and the 60's G340 and G440 models, the 60's and 70's era G-704, 840-F and the wood bodied 714 are more sought after in the west. The G-707 was introduced in the late 60's and continued in production well into the 80's, the original design replaced by the MkII in the mid 70's. This is by far the most commonly seen arm from the company and it was considered to be something of a bargain at the time, works well with high compliance carts."