A POINT OF VIEW: Vinyl edition releases. Who is thinking these things up??

The thread starts as follows: orry that this is going to be a gripe about something that should be a positive subject in terms of vinyl availability, but am I the only person that is becoming increasingly pi$$ed off at being asked to fork out inflated prices for releases that just try to stuff meaningless $h!t in the vinyl package (i.e. ropey CDs that look like they would have been stuck in the Mail On Sunday supplement otherwise) in order to try and look as if you're getting value for money.

My case in point today happens to be Richard Hawley. Package claims to be '180g deluxe vinyl album plus CD and booklet'. Right.

If you're still buying your music music in the year 2012 on vinyl, does anyone being asked to fork out £25 give a flying $hit whether there is a skanky cardboard sleeve CD release that must have cost about 40p to produce . I doubt very much that anybody buying any such release is thinking 'Oooh, which one shall I put on tonight?' You're buying the vinyl because that's what you care about and as such, you're generally expected (these days) to pay a premium for it. Surely some moron at the the companies that think these things up could maybe ask what the record buying public might expect.

If anyone from Richard Hawley's people are interested, instead of spending someone else's money on useless silver CD frisbees and charging it to the package price, I would prefer some nice poly-lined inner sleeves to store and protect the records I have bought that contain his music that is dear to my heart, instead of the $h!t scratchy ones you supplied. Is that too much of a cut of £25?? You can get them off eBay for 10p a shot FFS!!

PS. Booklet. 8PPS of useless close up shots of useless stuff I will never look at again. Lyrics are more useful, but not essential.

Still a good album though.

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