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The thread starts as follows: "So how far can one go? I've had some HD600s for a few years and I now have a very decent headphone amp too (or so I'm told). Since I currently have no access to decent speakers*, I've been pretty much on phones full time. They sound OK, fairly detailed, but bass extension is a bit limited. Am I asking too much? What can a really good 'phone do? "


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  1. I myself was a heavy user of HD600, which were my ‘reference’ phones. last year I went to my local audio dealer and had a long sit down with Audeze LCD 2 ( retail around £1k ) – indeed my HD600 – which I tough were superb, sadly sounded simply not up there with the LCD-2… but the price… almost my monthly wage! so these were out of question 🙁 .Happily I found a good, no… stunning replacement for my HD600, Philips Fidelio X1 and oh wow for the price! you cant do any better up to 400 pounds. They just simply stunning for the Amazon price of around 170-200 pounds ( 150 when on offer ) if you are looking for open back headphones with amazing bass extension these are for you!

    I’ve also heard the new flagship electrostatics from KOSS – again lovely sound , but the price …

    TBH I don’t think you are asking to much from a headphone that is at least 15 years old! 🙂

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