“I told people Elvis took black music and made it acceptable to whites”

Howard,OK. I never read the music rags anymore. Gave that up in early 80's. Rolling Stone lost appeal after they went with stapling the issues and adding more ads than content. The old issues of Circus and the like have long yellowed and been lost in some landfill. I did keep my original underground comics though (R.Crumb, etc.).My blues fascination as a kid was tolerated as a sign of my immaturity back in the late 60's/early 70's. I told people Elvis took black music and made it acceptable to whites. To this I was told that "Elvis don't play no monkey music." That was mid-Texas circa 1960's. In this environment my mum was often quoting Emerson (or some another ancient) and babbling on about her Edmunston family ties (embellished the only way she knew how).

This "intellectual crap" went over like a crocodile at a dinner party with the neighbors. I remember being taken to a George McGovern rally (I stayed in the car to everyone's displeasure). Looking back, our neighbors were mostly right-wing, Pat Boone loving, Twinkie-eating provincials. America has changed much, but we're still divided as a nation as oil and water. As a kid in America it's tough to build an identity when everything conspires to conformity. Of course in/near our cities music and people are more interesting. My ten cents/pence.

p.s. couple favs: Little Walter (all), Hound Dog Taylor (Beware of the Dog), Fenton Robinson (Someone Loan me a Dime), OK, OK, a white blues band I love too - Early Morning Blues, The Complete Blue Rider Trio Sessions (Ben Andrews is the real deal).

Have a wang dang doodle day,