A POINT OF VIEW: Gear apathy – anyone else find themselves there?


The thread starts: I think once I discovered actives and properly integrated sub pair(s), I had nowhere else to go, fidelity wise. I could only choose something *different*, but I think I am at the stage ive been flirting with for a very long time...that is...equipment of any sort no longer stirs any part of me. It is the same with recording gear, largely.

I am very interested in the process of capturing the sound, but I am about as excited about electronics as I am about watching golf or curling. On one hand, it is a very big relief. I no longer obsess over tweaking, swapping valves, blah blah..... but..the tiniest part of me feels I should be fiddling with things. I think that is a symptom of this addiction/disease/hobby writ large.

The science of it all fascinates me, it truly does....but I feel that there is really nowhere else to go in terms of fidelity on the "playback" end...that we have been at the summit for a while now. Anyone else there?

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