Blast from the past: August 2000 Enjoy the Quantum Resonance Technology Symphony AC Line Conditioner Better Power = Better Music. Review By Jim Merod

"When the two inconspicuous boxes-with-one-knob arrived for my inspection, I was unsure if the joke was at my expense or its own. In the past, I've shucked out a few dollars for sonic tweaks that went thud in the dark. Was the latest arrival at my gate another promise of acoustic failure? Quantum's Bill Steirhout is a calm and persistent gentleman. I emphasize the term "gentleman." There is a dwindling supply of such these days. Perhaps cyber-communication, daily chores at work and on freeway commutes, as well as the upscale pretensions of quick wealth via the "new (stock-inflated) market" have coagulated into a downward revision of the post-modern era: an Era of Perturbed Bluntness-at-every-fork-in-the-road."