The Elektra Albums (CD) by Judy Henske

The Elektra Albums (CD)

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  • The big-voiced Ms Henske’s two albums for Elektra “Judy Henske” (EKS 7231) from 1963 and “High Flying Bird” (EKS 7241) from the following year, released together on one CD.
  • She had to be loud as she learned her trade warming up audiences, un-amplified, for Lenny Bruce in Sunset Strip coffee houses – her beat-keeping stamp occasionally destroying the stage.
  • Eschewing “little girl” folk songs for the lure of whorehouse blues and murder ballads, Henske’s renditions are totally her own while her charismatic spoken introductions are a perfect foil for the gutsy vocals which follow.
  • She runs the entire gamut of emotions; often very funny but also tender, raunchy, yearning and sensual. This reissue captures a time when Judy Henske was a force of untamed nature in the safe folk world, maybe too big for the era then unfolding outside.
  • Sleeve notes are by Kris Needs, based on a brand new interview with the now 80 year-old Judy.