Stevie Nicks – White Winged Dove (CD)

White Winged Dove (CD)

Stevie Nicks had always been a prolific songwriter and by 1980 she was finding that jostling for room in the narrow frame of a Fleetwood Mac record was becoming constrictive and irksome. After the psycho-dramas of the late 70s culminated in the monstrously expensive Tusk album, Mac went on hiatus and Nicks looked for her chance. Stevie met the ambitious record executive Paul Fishkin in the fall of 1980 and a new label, Modern Records, was established by Fishkin and his partner Danny Goldberg as a vehicle for launching Stevie Nicks as a solo act. Fishkin and Goldberg strongly felt that she needed to re-cast her image from the ethereal, hippie-era support figure in Fleetwood Mac and attack the new decade with a far more direct, contemporary rock sound. On its release in the summer of 81, Stevie Nicks solo debut, Bella Donna , proved to be a smash hit, reaching number one on the billboard chart and achieving platinum certification within just a few months.

Stevie went out on a short, ten-date US tour in support of the album, culminating in a closing night at the Wilshire Fox Theater in Beverly Hills, where her performance was recorded for an HBO television special. White Winged Dove presents that landmark show on the 13th of December 1981, including a number of tracks that were omitted from the HBO special. The gig was also broadcast on radio as part of NBC s The Source with "Bella Donna", "Angel", "Blue Lamp", "Leather And Lace", "Think About It", "After The Glitter Fades" and "How Still My Love" comprising a clutch of rarities that the TV audience missed, but are collected here for the first time.

The show opens with a seminal moment in the Stevie Nicks story as she is introduced on stage by her father, Jess Nicks, before launching into only her 10th solo gig backed by her key collaborators Waddy Wachtel, Lori Perry and Sharon Celani, together with Bella Donna s producer Jimmy Iovine and The Heartbreakers Bentmont Tench in amongst the band. Capturing Stevie Nicks at the most exciting time in her career, with songs drawn from both Bella Donna and the Mac songbook, White Winged Dove is the essential record of an extraordinary artist at the very moment that she took flight.

1. Radio Intro
2. Jess Nicks Intro
3. Gold Dust Woman
4. Gold and Braid
5. I Need to Know
6. Outside the Rain-Dreams
7. Angel
8. Leather and Lace
9. Stop Draggin My Heart Around
10. Bella Donna
11. Sara
12. How Still My Love
13. Edge of Seventeen
14. Rhiannon