Howard Popeck is so wrong about the Harbeth 40.1 – apparently

The Harbeth 40.1 is not overrated by any means, as their  sales data will attest. Don't know your gripe with Harbeth but it doesn't make you look very knowledgeable with statements like that. I've heard EMT's and wasn't impressed. Everything is subjective of course but the 40.1's are always one of the most liked speakers at the shows and by reviewers, as well as by myself. Combined with the LFD NCSE, the sound is sensational.

I'm not clear (yet) why your opinion is more valid than mine? Is there an intelligent reason? I'm certainly not of the opinion that mine is more valuable than yours! I wouldn't be that arrogant. An opinion is an opinion and nothing more. I assumed you knew that. Moreover is popularity any guarantee of quality? If so, where is the cold, hard, rational, objective and verifiable evidence? Anyway, thank you for your comment.

Kind regards

Howard Popeck


I'm not in this business to achieve popularity by being one of the many proverbial 'sheep' that infest our industry. My obligation is to the customer and not the supplier. I assumed you would have known that.

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