MELCO: N1A Music Library test review

HiFi World writes .....

An increasing number of people are using network attached storage devices to handle their collection of digital music files. After all. what's not to like? One small box can contain a veritable living room's worth of CDs, ripped LPs or high-resolution down- loads - and when connected to your chosen streamer make playback from an armchair as easy as can be.

Except there's one problem. Most NAS drives are not purely for hi-fi replay. instead. they will store music. pictures, videos and any other digital files you care to mention,

Which is all well and good...but perhaps not ideal when it comes to getting the best sound possible from your music.

Which is where the I1500 Melco N1A Music Library comes in. Yes, it's a NAS drive - but has been engineered as a high-end audio component whose sole purpose is to store and feed digital files to your chosen streaming device.

Download the entire test review by clicking > melco-n1a-review-hifi-world-march-2015


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