HEYBROOK: Refoaming and lacquering vintage Heybrook HB3 speakers

Ive owned a pair of black HB3s since about 1983 after falling in love with them at the Sydney HiFi show. They hadn't been used for about ten years and, with a downsizing move getting closer, I thought it was time to see if they still worked and sell them. Pulled them out of storage and straight off noticed that the foam surround on one midrange driver particulary was rotted, bit nervously i connected them up and gently started playing Neil Diamond thru them.

I was utterly shocked at what followed, bunged down on the floor with only a few magazines to prop up the fronts, they sounded a touch boomy (as you'd expect being on the floor instead of on their stands, which are out in the shed) but rapidly came on song in a fashion I couldn't believe. Clear and articulate, effortlessly musical, they were utterly sublime. I asked my wife to come out and listen, not quite believing what I was hearing, and she was equally stunned that they sounded so good, easily matching the World Audio Design WD25Ts that I built several years back in most respects but utterly trouncing them in effortless musicality.

Should point out my pair were extensively upgraded in the early 90s with a Plessy Leaf tweeter replacing the dome HF unit, the crossover was split to allow biwiring, the internal cabling thrown away and something exotic, can't remember which, put in instead plus a few other tweaks. I've never played them through my Jungson 88D amp and it must be a match made in heaven.

My question is, how easy is it to replace the foam surrounds on the SEAS MCA 11FC midrange units, and what type of lacquer or similar can I use to freshen up the black veneer wrap which is showing all of its thirty something years. Other cosmetic details I can fix, but help on these would be appreciated

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