Nina Simone – The Complete Philips Albums (7CD Box Set)

 The Complete Philips Albums (7CD Box Set)

Nina Simone's combination of classical training, smokey-alto vocal delivery and the influence of modern jazz made her a novel and inspiring jazz singer and instrumentalist. And her very name is synonymous with the passion, talent and raw emotion that she put into every note she sang and played. The Phillips Years is a fine collection of seven albums released by Simone during her tenure on the label from 1964-1967. Simone's albums covered topics as diverse as romance, politics, Broadway, civil rights and more.

The essential recordings included in this package are

  1. Nina Simone in Concert (1964)
  2. Broadway-Blues-Ballads (1964)
  3. I Put a Spell on You (1965)
  4. Pastel Blues (1966)
  5. Let It All Out (1966)
  6. Wild is The Wind (1966)
  7. High Priestess of Soul (1967).