Down Home Blues Detroit: Detroit Special (3CD Box Set)

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Down Home Blues Detroit: Detroit Special (3CD Box Set)

Down Home Blues Detroit is THE definitive collection of blues music from Detroit-based musicians from the late 1940s to the early 1960s.

Features over 20 artists who were influential in developing the Detroit blues scene, including John Lee Hooker, Bo Bo Jenkins, Sam Kelly, Eddie Kirkland, Little Sonny, Detroit Count, Eddie Burns, Baby Boy Warren, Big Ed And His Combo and many more.

Three CD set, packaged in a deluxe digipak with an outer slip case, features 82 rare tracks, all digitally remastered, with some unissued recordings and others which have not been available for decades.

Includes a 48 page book featuring an essay on the origins of Detroit music by renowned blues researcher and historian Mike Rowe, complete with rare photos, track listing and full sessionography.

Detroit, Michigan. A northern city - smaller but akin to Chicago - where country southern blacks migrated to find work and found themselves within new urban surroundings. Amongst their numbers were blues musicians who took with them their traditional sounds. It began to develop with a more aggressive feel which grew with them in their new urban life surroundings. The definitive three album collection of Down Home Blues from Detroit.

CD 1

  1. Miss Lorraine / John Lee Hooker
  2. Talkin’ Boogie / John Lee Hooker
  3. Come Back Sugar Mama / L C Green
  4. Little Machine / L C Green
  5. Papa’s Boogie / Slim Pickens
  6. My Special Friend Blues / Baby Boy Warren
  7. Nervy Woman Blues / Baby Boy Warren
  8. Making A Fool Out Of Me / Eddie Burns
  9. Squeeze Me Baby / Eddie Burns
  10. Democrat Blues (Democrat Man) / Bobo Jenkins
  11. Bad Luck And Trouble / Bobo Jenkins
  12. Lillie Mae (Version 1) / Calvin Frazier
  13. Rockhouse / Calvin Frazier
  14. Bus Driver / John Brim
  15. When The Sun Is Shining / L C Green
  16. Hold Me In Your Arms / L C Green
  17. Rockin‘ Chair Boogie / Clarence Posey
  18. Nelly Mae / Detroit Slim
  19. Lonesome Cabin Blues / Baby Boy Warren
  20. Don’t Want No Skinny Woman / Baby Boy Warren
  21. Gangster Blues / Eddie Burns
  22. Grievin’ Blues / Eddie Burns
  23. Ramblin’ Around Blues / Sam Kelly
  24. Now I’ll Have To Sing The Blues / Martee Bradley
  25. Winter Time Is Comin‘ / Martee Bradley
  26. Taxi Driver Blues / Baby Boy Warren
  27. Bad Lover Blues / Baby Boy Warren

CD 2

  1. Graveyard Blues / John Lee Hooker
  2. I Love To Boogie / John Lee Hooker
  3. Little School Girl / L C Green
  4. Remember Way Back /L C Green
  5. Superstition / Eddie Burns
  6. Biscuit Baking Woman / Eddie Burns
  7. Forgive Me Darling / Baby Boy Warren
  8. Please Don’t Think I’m Nosey / Baby Boy Warren
  9. She Fool Me / Harvey Hill Jr
  10. Boogie Woogie Woman / Harvey Hill Jr
  11. Lilly Mae (Version 2) / Calvin Frazier
  12. Dog Me Blues / Henry Smith
  13. Baby Don’t You Want To Go / Bobo Jenkins
  14. Ten Below Zero / Bobo Jenkins
  15. I Got Lucky / Baby Boy Warren
  16. Let’s Renew Our Love / Baby Boy Warren
  17. Papa Doo / James Walton
  18. Loving You Baby / Earl Chatman
  19. Parrot Lounge / Detroit Count
  20. Detroit Boogie / Detroit Count
  21. Seasick And Waterbound / Bobo Jenkins
  22. Pitch A Boogie Woogie /Big Jack Reynolds
  23. Lilly Mae (Version 3) / Calvin Frazier
  24. Mattie Mae / Baby Boy Warren
  25. Santa Fe / Baby Boy Warren
  26. Hastings Street After Hours / Little Sonny
  27. Love You Pretty Baby / Little Sonny
  28. Have Mercy On Me / John Lee Hooker

CD 3

  1. Somebody Put Bad Luck On Me / Baby Boy Warren
  2. Stop Breaking Down / Baby Boy Warren
  3. Love Shock / Little Sonny
  4. I’ll Love You Baby Until The Day I Die / Little Sonny
  5. I’ll Move You Baby / Eddie Kirkland
  6. Mercy Mercy / Eddie Kirkland
  7. Miss Sadie Mae / John Lee Hooker
  8. 609 Boogie / John Lee Hooker
  9. Cat Squirrel / Doctor Ross
  10. The Sunnyland / Doctor Ross
  11. Nothing But Love / Bobo Jenkins
  12. Tell Me Who /Bobo Jenkins
  13. Orange Driver / Eddie Burns
  14. Hard Hearted Woman / Eddie Burns
  15. I Gotta Find My Baby / Little Sonny
  16. Hear My Woman Calling /Little Sonny
  17. Chuck-A-Luck (or Chicken ) / Baby Boy Warren
  18. Baby Boy Blues / Baby Boy Warren
  19. Done Somebody Wrong / Eddie Kirkland
  20. I Need You Baby / Eddie Kirkland
  21. She’s My Baby / Bob Kelly
  22. The Thing To Do / Eddie Burns
  23. I Hear My Woman Callin‘ – Alternate / Little Sonny
  24. Industrial Boogie / Doctor Ross
  25. Thirty Two Twenty / Doctor Ross
  26. 26. Baby Don’t You Want Me To Go – Alternate
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