How the other half lives

I've been going out with and then married to my wife since we were 19, that's 31 years.

In all that time I've bought every bit of audio equipment we've listened to, apart from one and soon three.

Initially it was me who fancied a Sonos for casual listening in the kitchen and so I bought one. I put the app on her Ipad just in case she wanted to use it too and thought I could forget about it. Since then a she's asked for, and paid for, a Sonos connect for the front room, which is plugged into my Naim System and she is now planning to buy a Sonos 3 for the Bedroom and another for the room where she does her work.

Illustrates a lesson I learned a long time ago at work, that for 95% of people good technology all about the user interface.

It also shows that that if your focus is on music rather than sound, an infinite jukebox, via Spotify, is a wonderful and valuable thing.

Its interesting that whilst all this stuff has been available on her mac and her later Ipad for years she was happy to stick to her radio. I guess the Sonos trick is to make some a hideously complex technology look like a radio and then build the UI into the Ipad, the one piece of technology she understands completely and loves.

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