WADIA: 121 Decoding Computer Amazing sound and good looks at a very reasonable price. Review By Tom Lyle

I find myself lucky to have finally acquired a Wadia product to audition in my own system, and we're all lucky that Wadia has for the last few years begun to sell products that more people can afford, but according to Wadia the same attention is paid to these lower cost products as they ever have, not only in their attention to design detail, but to sound quality as well.  Wadia has been designing and manufacturing high-end digital products since 1988, and one would correctly assume that they were one of the few companies that could call themselves "high-end digital" at that time. 

In those early days of digital it gave me hope that digital playback could one day be taken as seriously as analog. And the former team of engineers from Minneapolis' 3M did take things seriously; serious enough that even their first product, the Wadia 2000 was a breakthrough in the world of digital playback. Wadia has quite a long list of innovations in digital playback, among them, the first to manufacture an outboard DAC, the first to recognize jitter as a source of audible distortion, and more recently, the first company to extract a bit perfect digital audio output from an iPod.


Wadia 121 Decoding Computer

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