LEONARD ‘LENNY’ LOWE joins us as press release manager

So, what does he do?

Lenny decides (or not) which trade press releases to publish on this site

Please click http://www.hifianswers.com/getting-your-press-releases-published-here/ to see how this entirely free service works.

Global demand for this service has grown out of all proportion to the extent that in April 2017 we discovered that we could only publish circa 40% of all releases received by us. That said, a proportion of releases received are, frankly, rubbish - and I'm not talking here about poor punctuation!  Those from the smaller retailers are - generally speaking - hopeless.

In contrast though, those from the following retailers are consistently excellent and we thank them for making our job easier:

Anyway I concluded that both the trade and our readers deserve better, and that's why HP and I invited him to join us. Welcome aboard Lenny.

Neil / Editor in chief