Lady H is in the Building Delivering Neo-Soul Big Time

We are told .....

With a Brand New romantic release - "Good Morning Luv"

There's just something about finding that perfect love, a feeling that causes you to want to embrace those special moments forever and a day. Lady Holly, an exceptional world class vocalist, has caught that very essence in her new release "Good Morning Luv". Teaming with noted producer Michael B. Sutton and arranger extraordinaire Gail Johnson this team may well knock the ball right out of the park. It was Lady Holly's good friend Susan Johnson that introduced her to Michael at iMerica Entertainment. Lady Holly resides on the east coast and iMerica is located on the west coast so this was new territory for both the artist and the producer. Michael Sutton shares, "Lady Holly is the ultimate professional and super talented. A pleasure to work with"

About Lady Holly.....

An avid member of the Grammy organization and the National Association of Black Female Executives in Music and Entertainment Lady Holly is also passionate about supporting the international charity known as The Alzheimer's Foundation. Lady Holly has performed on stages in Europe, Russia, Dubai, Barbados, and loves to return to the stages in the United States. Her recording label is Bedroc Records and Lady Holly is a member in good standing with ASCAP. In 2016 Lady Holly received a well deserved nod from Reverb Nation when they bestowed the title of Best R&B Song 2016 on her then current release. Regarding her latest release "Good Morning Luv" Lady Holly had this to say, "This song is about the moment you wake up, "good morning love" and there are no other words necessary to carry you through the day.


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