Kevlar: Bowers and Wilkins’ cone material of choice since 1974 and with good reason

We say .. a fascinating, informative and interesting hype-free short video by Dr. Peter Fryer: Director of Research.

They say: The midrange is where the real musical action is invariably found, and a smooth midband is an invaluable loudspeaker quality. Enter Kevlar®. It’s been Bowers & Wilkins’s cone material of choice since 1974, and with good reason. The basic woven fabric is first impregnated with a stiffening resin that cures during the cone forming process. The cone is then further treated with a polymer coat, which seals the fibres and adds damping. The result is a semi-flexible cone, which exhibits a peculiar style of break-up behaviour, not found in more conventional materials, that maintains a more constant dispersion pattern at all frequencies in its range and transmits far fewer delayed, time-smearing sounds to the listener.

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