Heed Questar.

heed, questar, phono, amplifier, mc, paul rigby, audiophile

Paul Rigby: While sub-£300 moving magnet phono amps are commonplace, finding the same for a moving coil cartridge is a little more difficult. Heed has done well to produce a suitable unit for this cost. To reach this price point, though, Heed has cut its cloth. Hence, the prosaic chassis - a simple metal box - is supported by Maplin-esque feet fixed by a basic set of screws.

Powered by a wall-wart, the front of the box sports a simple power light with the usual sockets on the rear.

heed, questar, phono, amplifier, mc, paul rigby, audiophile

Because of the chassis’ long-form factor, the rear of the phono amp is short on space. Hence, the sockets are rather squeezed together. In use, my connected cables became so crowded and so difficult to site correctly that I initially only heard one channel. After further fiddling with the cables I then heard…nothing at all! It was only when I totally removed the outer metal tightening sheaths on the RCA connecters that I had room to force the cables home into the sockets, a teeth-grating experience.  There are no .....