QUAD: 11L and 12L Loudspeakers test reviews

[Quad 11L loudspeaker]

Werner Ogiers writes as follows: "You may remember my review of the Spendor-made Quad 10L loudspeaker of a couple of years ago. How I came from indignation - the heresy of a non-ESL Quad! - to sheer love for that performing tiny tot.

Alas, the pleasure our acquaintance was short, as Quad went through troubled times and somewhere along the lines the 10L speaker was discontinued. But you know the story, in came the Chinese IAG holding and Stan Curtis to save Quad from the clutches of the Verity group. Out came the new electrostatics, the 99 series, and even new tube amps. And a rumour that the 10L would be revived, but 'significantly cheaper'.

It was a long wait, but almost two years ago I finally met Quad's newling, dubbed 11L, at a dealer's. It was a short meeting: the speakers being offloaded from the distributor's van directly went into the dealer's car for immediate delivery. Demand far outstripped supply, there was a waiting list. In fact Quad offered me a pair for free if I agreed on writing a truly bad review of them.

Which I didn't."



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