Continiuum Audio Labs


They say .....

When a collaboration of like-minds, driven by a shared passion, combine their considerable knowledge, talents and resources with the desire to create something beyond the state-of-the-art, special things can happen.

The ordinary constraints that normally limit most endeavours can suddenly disappear. The AIM FOR PERFECTION becomes the driving force, the only constraint. The result of such a collaboration is Caliburn-Cobra-Castellon

Not happy at acheiving our goals we tasked our design team to better the design of our Caliburn-Cobra-Castellon while significantly reducing the cost to our customers, an impossible goal, but the end result is our new Criterion - Copperhead which may not quite scale the heights of our reference design but compared to the competition?

We will leave that for you to decide, but remember this Continuum owners smile to themselves alot!

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