Constellation Audio was founded on the premise that one cannot create something extraordinary through slavish adherence to established methods. When tradition is the best path, we embrace it. When new technology is necessary to achieve the performance we want, we invent it. When we find a radical circuit topology that delivers a substantial advance in sound quality, we use it.

Quite a few high-end audio companies are built around one talented engineer. To surpass the work of these companies, we knew we would need not one extraordinary talent, but many. Thus, we sought out the greatest names in audio engineering and industrial design-the creative minds behind many of history's greatest audio products. Audiophiles will recognize the names of audio engineers such as John Curl, Bascom King, Peter Madnick, and Demian Martin. They will also recognize the work of industrial designer Neal Feay, who is responsible for the look and feel of many of the high-end audio industry's most distinctive products.

When we assembled our “dream team,” we insisted that they go beyond their past work-that they employ whatever methods and technologies they thought best, regardless of cost or complexity. As you examine our products, you will notice numerous construction methods you have never seen before. You will see circuit topologies far more advanced than any you have previously encountered. You will find the most exotic and expensive parts available. And you will confront entirely new and vastly better solutions that have never been tried in the past but will surely be emulated in the future.

We assure the quality of each and every Constellation Audio product the only way we know how: by manufacturing them ourselves in our factory in Newbury Park, California.

We invite you to explore our product line here, on our website, but even more, we encourage you to hear our products at the Constellation Audio dealer nearest you.

EDITORIAL NOTE: The opinions expressed in the above post do not necessarily reflect those of our editorial team – just in case you wondered. Neil McCauley


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