“I’m a bit confused, what’s the point of your site that just aggregates news and opinion from other well regarded sites?

Neil - I'm a bit confused, what's the point of your site that just aggregates news and opinion from other well regarded sites?

Good question, and thank you.

I invite you to take a brief look below the surface – if that's of interest – which I hope it is.

First, our pre-launch market research indicated that our target readership, among other things, wanted to read news as it happens, not once a month as is the case with the printed magazines. From a different perspective, but in a similar vein, makers want their press releases published asap rather than weeks later in the paper magazines. Next, published news and press releases, possibly uniquely in the industry[I] is not tied in any way to paid-for advertising. A point worth noting we hope.

Some paper magazines might argue that their criteria for publishing a press release is exclusively based on merit, reader demand and so on but if reports from some of the agencies that send us press releases from makers are to be believed – if only in part – this seems to us somewhat doubtful.

Next, no one else does what we do in this industry; so there is a market gap. Outside the industry, the generic term is 'a digest'

The market research appeared to be correct inasmuch as our site attracts an average > 17.7k page impressions per month (and growing, despite zero media promotion) and so clearly those that 'get it' i.e. aren't confused, like it and presumably find it useful although to what degree is open to speculation. Moreover the site's Twitter feed generates a daily average > 4.7k 'interactions' https://twitter.com/AudiophileStuff

Without these metrics (plus others which are commercially confidential) we just wouldn't bother. We reason that there just wouldn't be any point wasting our time.

If the demand ceases, or declines below a specific level, we might walk away. The trend seems to indicate that this is a very remote possibility but ..... one never can tell.

That said, there is a medium-term strategy (confidential) and we are applying tactics to achieve the intended outcome.

Also, there is, within the 8k archive of posts, quite a bit of proprietary material. Please click this link for illustrative examples http://www.hifianswers.com/tag/howard-popeck/

And here's another: http://www.hifianswers.com/?s=jimmy+hughes

We enjoy what we do and – finally – our presence irritates more than one paper-based audiophile publisher and so ..... why not? Maybe they'll buy us? Simple as that really.

Thanks again


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