ONE TO WATCH: Ovation High Fidelity – a new British maker

Editorial note:

Our team are always on the look out for innovative audio start-ups; especially British ones! We offer editorial coverage without the strings that the paper magazines usually apply - such as a commitment advertise. Our belief is that our readers deserve news unfiltered by obligations to the publisher and .... we very much support fresh British audiophile thinking.

If you've got something you think our tens of thousands of readers might be interested in then let me know HERE please.

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Ovation state .....

Our ‘Engineered for Art’ ethos guides our passion for creating amplifiers and preamplifiers that deliver fantastic, immersive high fidelity sound.

All Ovation High Fidelity products are designed, engineered and hand built in England and carry a 5 year Warranty with local UK service and support.

Ovation High Fidelity. Audio Equipment Engineered for Art.

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