PARASOUND: Halo JC 3 phono preamplifier test review

Michael Fremer and Brian Damkroger write:  According to Parasound's founder and CEO, Richard Schram, the Halo JC 3 began as a phono-preamp retrofit for the JC 2 line stage, with separate small circuit boards for each channel. The smaller the board, the better, Schram says, so as to attract less noise than do larger boards, whose many copper traces can act as antennas.

Designer John Curl decided to keep the JC 3's design simple by choosing purity over adjustability. Therefore, the loading for moving-coil cartridges is limited to 100 ohms or 47k ohms, with 47k ohms also for the moving-magnet input. Curl believes that the vast majority of MC cartridges are suited for 100 ohm loading, and I concur. If you don't like that, leave it wide open at 47k, which I believe is almost never correct. Changing the loading is done via custom-made NKK selector switches with gold-on-silver contacts.

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