NVA / RICHARD DUNN: Hey, we got name-checked by him. Oh, err ….. wow.

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Richard who?

A reader has just pointed out that we've been name-checked by a Mr. Richard Dunn (above, apparently. Yes - your guess is as good as ours and probably better) of NVA.

On his site he writes "Many are trying Pig, Wigwam, Hi-Fi Answers, numerous blogs, they will all lose credibility and finally fail. Wigwam is far from unique out there trying this on, it is just Wigwam is pushing the hardest. If they do it for commercial reasons to slurp the trade they will fail ...."


Editorial note: Apparently 'slurp' is a derogatory term (common parlance among a few acolytes) used as a shorthand for any audio retailers with the temerity to make a profit. Although I don’t agree with the application (or sub-text) of the word I do feel it to be witty; wit being in short supply anywhere in the industry be it supply side, retail or end-user.

HP says that as best he can recall, Mr. Dunn was touting some electronics in the mid 1980s but he cannot remember anything of significance nor insignificance about the man nor his wares. He met him once, and nothing since.

Anyway, I'm trying to figure out who he is. Looks like he has an ebay business with happy customers. Good for him we say.

Meanwhile, can anyone enlighten me and are his observations of any significance? Thanks


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