LFD AUDIO: Online presence and where to read a price list

Gentlemen, I have been trying in vain to find anything online re LFD Audio. Can you help please? I can’t even find a pricelist!

Currently, as far as we can tell, LFD Audio have - through choice- decided to have no online presence at all. We have no idea if this is likely to change in the foreseeable future but, somehow, we doubt it. All we can tell you is that Dr. Bews (founder, owner and designer) is – so we are told - uncomfortable talking directly to the public and if correct then this might point to why he has no sites. No Facebook nor any Twitter presence either. From what we can gather, he has no mobile phone.

We can direct you to this though: http://www.lfd-audio.co.uk/

We have searched and, like you,  cannot locate an online price list anywhere.

Through the ‘grapevine’ we hear that business there is good and that his primary focus is on two export markets; these being N. America and Belgium.

What we do have is a mailing address and to get a price list and availability our current most practical suggestion is to write to him.

LFD Audio. 23 Coppins Road, Clacton-on-Sea, Essex, CO15 3HP


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