FOCAL PROFESSIONAL: The Twin6 active monitors – test review

The Focal Twin6 Be are some of the most praised transparent loudspeakers in the professional audio world. And thats for a good reason.

As you can expect from a pair of speakers the ease of use is directly proportional to your ability to hook them to a interface as well as your capacity to identify frequencies.

If hooking them up to your monitoring solution/interface is not a hard thing, their placement is rather important and you should use them in a larger room.

As for the actual use, even if you are a beginner in mixing, mastering or even sound desing, you will learn that once you've started to work with these excellent bits of fine craftsmanship your skills will skyrocket.

For me they serve as both near and mid field speakers.

Even if these are powerful speakers I feel that they maintain a clear separation of both frequencies and stereo image from low listening levels to higher.

The stereo image is the best I've ever heard. Being able to pick up even the slightest pan changes and even hearing clearly some acoustic instruments position in relation to the mic makes mixing more dynamic music a breeze and a pleasure.

Each and every small change in .....

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