FOCAL PROFESSIONAL: The CMS Sub active subwoofer – description and specifications

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The 11" Polyglass® cone woofer used in the CMS SUB is both very light and extremely rigid for a neutral and distortion-free response. This incredible weight-to-rigidity ratio is obtained by applying a thin layer of hollow glass spheres on top of a cellulose-based cone. The high excursion capabilities of the CMS SUB woofer offer tight and controlled bass, able to reproduce even the most minute detail. The CMS SUB woofer was designed to be extremely efficient, to make the most out of amplifier headroom, making sure that you can hear the slightest changes to compression settings.

  • Frequency response (+/-3dB) :  30Hz - 250Hz
  • Maximum SPL : 113dB SPL (peak @ 1 m)
  • Input :
    Left, Right, LFE
    Electronically balanced / 10kOhms
    Female 3 pins XLR
  • Output :
    Left, Right
    Male 3 pins XLR in parallel on inputs
  • HF amplifier stage :  300W rms, BASH® technology
  • Electric supply : 230V (T1.6AL fuse rating) or 115V (T3.15AL fuse rating) IEC inlet and detachable power cord
  • Adjustment :
    Sub level (sensitivity) adjustment
    Lo-pass frequency adjustment
    Phase adjustment
    Polarity switch
    External Mute (controlled by external footswitch)
  • Indicators :
    Power on
    External Mute
  • Transducers :  Polyglass, high excursion Focal, 270mm (11") drive unit
  • Construction :  22mm MDF panels with internal braces
  • Finish : Dark grey vinyl
  • Dimensions with spikes :  435.5mm x 366mm x 440mm (17.1" x 14.4"x 17.3")
  • Net weight :  23kg (50.7lb)

Download more information > CMS40_SUB_SOS_DEC11

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