Australian Hi-Fi

Australian-Hi-Fi magazine

High fidelity - not just an obscure concept from the 70s, but a real concern for audiophiles. Australian Hi-Fi magazine is the nation's longest-running and most successful title in this genre. Published continuously since 1969, Australian Hi-Fi has garnered an international reputation for the unerring technical accuracy and consistent high quality of its authoritative reviews of hi-fi and video components, from CD portables to full-featured home theatre systems and everything in between.

Editor Greg Borrowman heads up a team of both Australian and international contributors to help readers gain the best possible sound quality in their homes by encouraging them to purchase high quality components and the best accessories, cabling equipment and blank recording media. Each bi-monthly issue of Australian Hi-Fi is chockfull of equipment and music reviews, information on new products, and 'how-to' articles, guaranteeing a dynamic and exciting read for the audience.


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