TURNTABLE BUYER’S GUIDE…for raw beginners


Paul Rigby writes .....

Fashion. It can be a right pain in the neck, can’t it? As soon as something moves into ‘vogue’, everyone has to have one and, if the fashion is of a technical bent then the larger populace suddenly has to do a crash course in physics, maths and engineering to get their heads around it. Or that’s how it seems to those raw beginners who are faced with buying a turntable.

At the moment, vinyl records have become terribly popular…again. Of course, this is not the first time. Vinyl was the only serious game in town from the 50s until the early 80s, if you wanted to listen to music (I say ‘serious’, there were other options like cassettes and the like out there too).

During the early 80s, CD was introduced and everyone declared vinyl to be a dinosaur, dead and buried. Incredibly, this particular flexible friend has not .....

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