ASK THE EDITOR: NVA – Nene Valley Audio

Q: Hello Neil. I saw your piece re great British HiFi makers, the really small ones that get marginalised. I notice you have never published anything about Mr. Richard Dunn’s little outfit NVA. Also, did you really tell a colleague editor that your thought the acronym NVA really should mean 'Not Very Advanced'?

Thank you Laurence.

You are referring to I believe.

First question: Yes you are quite correct. We have never published anything relating to that brand. As for the other part, I did hear this from somebody else but it didn’t originate from me. I have no idea how accurate  or inaccurate 'Not Very Advanced' might be. Also I did hear that an alternative expansion on NVA is 'Not Very Accurate'. Quite humorous I thought.


Neil McCauley / editor in chief

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