SYMPHONIC LINE: Kraftquelle 2 MK2 integrated amplifier

Symphonic Line Kraftquelle 2

Roberto Fugito writes:

The integrated amplifier here mentioned was born from the fine mind of Rolf Gemein, yet author of numerous acclaimed and successful electronics. On our own magazine, we have already tested the RG7 MK4 power amp. So, when Roberto delivered me the amplifier, I already imagined that I would enjoy some respectable electronics. An exemplary tidy manufacture: Mr. Gemein writes repeatedly that the company's philosophy is to look for, with its products, the harmony of design and sound, harmony that in my opinion is perfectly achieved by this Kraftquelle 2.

I will be forgiven by who, reasonably, will consider the term esoteric very overused in our field, but for this solid German integrated amp, I just have to use it. The word in question appears to have two origins: eisoteo, "penetrate into  ....


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