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Tuneable Audio Cable that puts choice in the hands of the audiophile

The Experience680 from Wire on Wire is a reference-level tuneable audio cable. With its REDpurl™ variable geometry (UK patent pending), it uniquely permits the user to alter its wire spacing, allowing the character of the interconnect to be tuned.


The Experience680 is designed for change, whereas conventional audio cables have fixed electrical and geometric parameters, imposing a particular character on the sound that may not suit the listener or their system.


“The REDpurl™ geometry allows the user to vary the relationship between conductors”, says Wire on Wire's founder and designer Chris Bell, “so altering the cable’s physics and helping it adapt to a variety of systems and musical tastes.” Chris always found himself one tweak away from an interconnect he could really enjoy, “I was looking for something that could adapt to the individual,” he says, “and the result many years later is a cable full of potential tweaks.”


The Experience680 is first and foremost a reference design of the highest quality, using carefully chosen silver-plated copper conductors of different diameter, insulated with PTFE. Capacitance is kept low thanks to the REDpurl™ variable geometry. The result straight out of the box is fine detail, dynamics and timbre but above all a natural flow to the music reflecting the cable’s striking aesthetic perfectly designed for the art of music.


Wire on Wire is a new company that designs and hand-builds audio cables in Britain. In development currently is a reference level loudspeaker cable using our REDpurl™ variable geometry.

Available now at £280 including vat

Chris Bell or Helen Gazeley at info@wireonwire.com
01372 800605

Editor's note: we hope to conduct an in-depth interview with the company during November 2016

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