PIONEER: Critically Acclaimed XDP-100R DAP (Digital Audio Player) UK Price Reduction


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Pioneer is pleased to announce a price reduction on its bestselling XDP-100R Digital Audio Player. Originally retailing at £499.99, the player will now retail at the even more affordable price of £399.99 – saving £100. The acclaimed XDP-100R is a portable high res music player that supports many high res audio formats – including the revolutionary MQA format – a coding system that offers extreme High Res Audio in streamable file sizes.

Since its launch in December 2015, the XDP-100R has received critical acclaim from industry experts and continues to benchmark itself as one of the best High Resolution Audio players on the market. In addition to supporting MQA, it also supports formats such as DSD (up to 11.MHz) and FLAC/WAV (24bit/ 384kHz) files.

For those who prefer to stream, popular apps such as TIDAL, Spotify and Deezer are pre-loaded onto the XDP-100R. The device supports the familiar Android format – allowing users to get started from the word ‘go’. When connected to Wi-Fi, users can browse the internet through Google Chrome and download apps from the Google Play store – just like a smartphone.

The XDP-100R has been designed to feature the latest digital audio technology. ESS technology’s top of the line SABRE DAC ES9018K2M and SABRE 9601K amplifier operate within an isolated closed loop construction to eliminate any extraneous noise. The audio board and CPU board are separated internally, further isolating sources of noise, using the same approach as separating an amplifier from the playback device in a component stereo system. Analogue circuitry is consolidated around the headphone jack, keeping the switching circuitry as far away as possible to keep noise isolated. The circuitry is all housed within a ridged aluminum chassis with removable bumpers top and bottom that protect cables and connectors from wear and tear.

Available now, the Pioneer XDP-100R is available in black or silver with a reduced UK SRP of £399.99

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