FOCAL PROFESSIONAL: 1000F compact subwoofer

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If you're looking for a compact subwoofer from French manufacturer Focal, look no further than the Sub 1000F for neutral bass and incredible definition.

Focal have designed the Sub 1000F as the perfect compliment to their speakers when used for home cinema. Using their patented FLAX cone driver, the stiffness and lightness of this material produces an extremely well defined, distortion-free sound, while the Dual-Magnet dual-driver provides phenomenal power handling while ensuring excellent linearity.

Sub 1000F uses a built-in 1000watt BASH® amplifier, allowing the 12" driver to unleash its full potential. The amplifier allows adjustment of DSP functions so that the subwoofer can be tuned for room placement and room size variations. The sealed subwoofer offers an extended bass response, a very compact size and an absence of resonance, all leading to a pure, musical sound.Focal Sub 1000F

Focal's Australian distributor, Chris Murphy of N.A. Distributors told StereoNET:

Modern Home Cinema demands insane amounts of bass and sub-bass. The Sub 1000F marks the birth of a new generation of Focal Subwoofers designed specifically for the most powerful Home Cinema installations.

Designed and developed in France, Sub 1000F was developed in the Focal's R&D centre where the use of modern technologies, such as finite element simulation, has enabled their engineers to push the boundaries of acoustic reproduction further.


  • Type: Active sealed subwoofer
  • Drivers: 12" (30cm) Flax woofer
  • Cut-off frequency: (-6dB) 22Hz
  • Frequency response: (±3 dB) 24Hz - 200Hz
  • Crossover frequency: 40 to 160Hz
  • Inputs: Stereo line inputs, Direct line LFE
  • Phase: 0° / 180°
  • Power mode: on / auto
  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 420 x 400 x 420mm
  • Net weight: 21.5kg

Focal Sub 1000F is available in January 2016 for $4000 RRP.

Focal is distributed in Australia by N.A. Distributors.

For UK availability, prices, upgrade policy and more please phone Home Auditions @ 07870 192618